Questions and Answers

What is Sam’s Flight Club?

Our team of 'Flight Hackers' love to find cheap flights! We manually search hundreds of city pairs and use various resources to find you ridiculously cheap flights.

What makes you different from other flight deal sites?

Unlike other deal websites, we don't receive  commissions from Airlines or booking websites.  We are impartial and will always give you our unbiased thoughts of Airlines when posting deals.  Having no strings allow us to share with you genuinely good deals! 

We also bring great Multi-city and Round the world flights too, most flight comparison and flight deal sites only show you point to point flights. 

Is it Free?

Yes, we don’t charge you a penny! We love what we do! We just hope you share our awesome deals with your friends and family :)

Which countries do your flights originate from?

We currently post deal from New Zealand and Australia. However, we are planning on bringing our cheap flights to other countries soon!

Are your deals all in economy class?

No. Our aim is to share the best deals. Most of our flight deals will be in economy, however we do post occasional deals in Premium Economy and Business class.

Do you look at domestic flights?

If there’s an amazing deal we think you should know about then of course! Generally our focus is on international flights as this is where the savings are to be had.

Do you post deals with budget carriers? 

Generally no. There's a good reason for this! The deals we find are usually cheaper than budget carriers. We understand most people like to travel with bags and meals. Most budget carriers charge exorbitant fees for these extras which can cost you hundreds. Therefore our priority is to share deals that include all the frills, so the price you see is what you pay. 

However if there is a deal that we think you should not miss, we will be sure to let you know about it!