Introduction to Air New Zealand Airpoints

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The Air New Zealand Airpoints programme is free to join and with over 60 retail partners across New Zealand, you don’t have to be a frequent flyer to enjoy the rewards of the programme.

You can earn Airpoints with:

  • Eligible Air New Zealand & partner airline and Star Alliance flights

  • Credit or debit cards,

  • 60 partners like Mercury, Z, New World, Mitre 10, and more

  • Hotels, cars & travel

  • Airpoints shopping mall.

You can spend your Airpoints Dollars on flights, gifts from the Airpoints Store and a range of other great benefits. 

The program is relatively simple, one Airpoint dollar (1APD) is equivalent to $1NZD. Some frequent flyer programs like Qantas and Virgin Australia use miles as their ‘currency’ which can make the redemption of your miles confusing.

Not a member?

Not an Airpoints member? It’s free to join, Click here.

Earning Airpoints

airpoint enter number.PNG

Simply enter your Airpoints number when you book a flight or with or present your Airpoints card or digital Airpoints card at participating retail and travel partners

When booking a flight online at Air New Zealand, lookout for the section pictured to the right.

If you forget to enter this at the time of your booking, don’t worry, you can always make a retrospective claim, or give Air New Zealand a ring and they will help you out.

The number of airpoints you earn depends on the fare, the price, and the route, it’s best you either use the calculator or look out for the potential earn at the top right-hand of the screen when making a booking.

The next section shows how the earn rates vary based on the route and the type of product booked. Remember, 1 Airpoint Dollar (APD) = $1 New Zealand Dollar.

Unfortunately, status points cannot be ‘used’ to book flights etc. Status points only go towards your membership tier and the more you accumulate the closer you get to the next membership tier.

Earn table.PNG

As you can see in the table, a ‘Seat Only’ flight between Christchurch and Auckland costing $62 will earn $1 Airpoint Dollar and 8 Status points.

If you were to take 10 flights, you’d earn 10 APD and 80 SC. To move up to silver you need 450 Status points in a year, so this is a modest contribution towards moving up a tier. More on membership tiers below.

Credit & Debit cards

Air New Zealand has partnered with ANZ, American Express, Kiwibank and Westpac to bring you a wide choice of credit and debit cards. We will cover credit cards in another guide, but in the meantime please visit each respective provider for more information.

An American Express Platinum credit card currently rewards you with 1 Airpoint dollar for every $59 you spend and 1 status point for every $250 spend. So if you were to use your AMEX credit card to pay for the 20 round trip flights to Auckland in the example above, you would earn twice the Airpoints.

Onesmart is the only prepaid card that rewards you with Airpoints Dollars. You can load it with New Zealand dollars and transfer it in to foreign currencies. It’s a great way to pay for things when you’re travelling and a smart way to shop online. More about OneSmart.


Star Alliance and Partner Airlines

You can also earn Airpoints and Status points when flying with partner airlines.

Air New Zealand has partnerships with more than 30 airlines - including some through the Star Alliance on which you could earn Airpoints Dollars. Use the Airpoints calculator to quickly look up how many Airpoints Dollars you could earn on specific flights.

Each airline partnership comes with unique benefits and options for Airpoints members. For more click here

Spending Airpoints

 Airpoints Flexi Pay

Airpoints Flexi Pay

Paying for a flight with Airpoints Dollars is easy because one Airpoints Dollar is equal to one New Zealand Dollar.

If you don't have enough Airpoints Dollars, you can pay for your flight with a mix of Airpoints Dollars and cash using Airpoints Flexipay. Or, you can top up your Airpoints balance with an Air New Zealand Airpoints credit card issued by Kiwibank.

When booking online: Simply sign in to your online account with your Airpoints details before or while you are booking your flight and select to pay with Airpoints Dollars at the payment stage.

  • When booking by phone: Have your Airpoints number ready when you call the contact centre.

  • When booking via travel agent: Provide your travel agent with your Airpoints number at your time of booking.

  • When paying for a flight with your Airpoints Dollars™, any associated airport or government costs are payable by credit card, OneSmart card or POLi.

Star Alliance and Partner airlines

There is great value when redeeming with Air New Zealand’s partner airlines. The amount of Airpoint dollars needed for a redemption is based on the distance and class of travel. For example a flight between 1,000-1,999 km in Economy, Business or First will cost 250APD, 450APD or 600APD respectively. As you can see the best value is at the point end for redemptions in Business and First Class.

To check how many Airpoints Dollars you'll need for your flight, please see the partner airline reward chart.

Gifting Airpoints Dollars

You could use your Airpoints Dollars to give the gift of flight to those living in your household. And in some instances you may also be able to extend your gifting to those outside your household. Find out more.

Companion tickets

As an Airpoints member you could be eligible for access to specially priced companion tickets when you purchase a Business class, Premium Economy, Economy Flexi, Flexi Works or Flexi Works Deluxe ticket. Find out more about how to use your Airpoints Dollars on companion tickets.

Onboard purchases

When you fly internationally with Air New Zealand, you can use your Airpoints Dollars onboard to purchase food & beverages*, wine, merchandise, or Koru membership via your seatback screen. You can purchase movie upgrades on Seat and Seat + Bag fares for 10 Airpoints Dollars - just sign into your Air New Zealand account to start shopping. You can now also purchase Inflight Wi-Fi on selected flights.

Membership Levels


The more you fly the more benefits you unlock. This includes airport lounge access, priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage allowance and other helpful travel extras treats, such as hotel and rental car vouchers.

There are four tiers:

  • Standard

  • Silver (Star Alliance Silver)

  • Gold (Star Alliance Gold)

  • Elite (Star Alliance Gold)

Status Points

 Status Points go towards upgrading your Airpoints membership tier status which determines the range of travel benefits you get.

You will earn Status Points on eligible Air New Zealand flights and many Star Alliance and partner flights you take, as well as on purchases made with some Airpoints earning credit cards. To see how many Status Points your qualifying flight will earn, use the Airpoints calculator.

Moving up a tier

Starting at Airpoints membership, you can upgrade to Silver followed by Gold and Elite.

Each tier has a required number of Status Points you must meet within any 12 month period. The benefits of your new tier are valid for 12 months from the date you reach that tier. The benefits of the previous tier will then expire.



This is the entry tier, which unfortunately does not entail any benefits. It just means you are a member of Airpoints and is the foundation tier to allow you to move up.

To qualify and retain: 0 status points


Silver Airpoints

To qualify: 450 status points.
For retention: 405 status points
At least half on Air New Zealand operated flights, qualifying partner airline flights, or Star Alliance qualifying flights.

Benefits include:

  • Two complimentary single-entry lounge eVouchers

  • One recognition upgrade 

  • OneUp Upgrade offers will be upweighted by 10%

  • Discounted Business class award fares

Find out more about Silver member benefits


To qualify: 900 status points.
For retention: 810 status points.
At least half on Air New Zealand operated flights, qualifying partner airline flights, or Star Alliance qualifying flights.

This is the tier where you will notice the additional benefits and an enhanced travel experience. Benefits include:

  • Lounge access

  • Two recognition upgrades

  • OneUp Upgrade offers will be upweighted by 30%

  • Complimentary frequent flyer seating

  • Extra baggage allowance

  • Fast Bag-drop off and pick up your bag right beside the aircraft on Air New Zealand Link regional domestic flights

  • Priority check-in

  • Priority boarding

  • Priority baggage claim 

  • Complimentary Hotel & Rental car voucher

  • Discounted Business class award fares

  • No Airpoints Dollars expiry

  • Extra gift recipients-You are able to nominate an additional two people to join your gifting register who do not share the same address as you, non-household giftees.

Gold Airpoints
 Air NZ Koru Club- Brisbane International Airport

Air NZ Koru Club- Brisbane International Airport

 Auckland International Koru lounge

Auckland International Koru lounge



To qualify: 1,500 Status points
For retention: 1,350 Status points
At least 60% on Air New Zealand operated flights, qualifying partner airline flights, or Star Alliance qualifying flights

In addition to Gold you will receive:

  • Two long haul recognition upgrades and one short haul recognition upgrade 

  • Elite Airpoints Dollar upgrades: Elite members can request an Elite Airpoints Dollar upgrade for one cabin class, one sector upgrade

  • Gifting upgrades: You can gift Recognition Upgrades or Elite Airpoints Dollar upgrades to other Airpoints members who are on your gifting register.

  • OneUp Upgrade offers will be upweighted by 50%

  • Elite partner- They will receive many of the benefits that you do when travelling with Air New Zealand and some partner airlines.

  • Five complimentary Air New Zealand valet parking eVouchers

  • Elite threshold gifts

  • Retaining Elite status - roll over Status Points: Once you retain your Elite status by earning 1,350 Status Points (810 must be earned on Air New Zealand operated flights), any Status Points earned above 1,351 and up to 2,399 can be counted towards retention of your Elite tier status in the following year. You are able to roll over up to 1,048 Status Points in this way. 

  • Extra gift recipients: You are able to nominate an additional four people to join your gifting register who do not share the same address as you, non-household giftees. This benefit is in addition to those who share the same address as you, your household giftees.

Summing up

Airpoint dollars are relatively easy to accumulate in New Zealand thanks to the wide range of retail, credit card, hotel and car rental partners.
As a Kiwi, you’ll most likely be flying our national airline, therefore being a member of Airpoints is well worth considering. The program is free, so there is nothing to lose.

Compared to other frequent flyer programs, achieving Gold and Elite status is relatively more challenging. However if you fly regularly with Air New Zealand and the Star Alliance network, moving up the tiers grants you a wide array of benefits that considerably enhance your travel experience.